Layman’s Report RESAFE EN def

Layman’s Report RESAFE – ITA def

Layman’s Report RESAFE – ES def

  • Resafe Article on Faenza Notizie

Faenza Notizie

  • Resafe material Workshop in Faenza

Polo di Tebano Poster MAIS Poster MELONE Poster ORZO Poster PATATA Poster POMODORO Poster VERZA brochure resafe Faenza 141215 it definitivo Resafe Invito 141215 ITA art5

  • Resafe Dissemination material

Notice board resafecarteles ResafeBrochure Resafe

  • Resafe Gadgets

Libretas ResafePen Resafetaza ResafeImmagine

  • Dissemination of the Life/CNR event “The Italian National Research Council – CNR - and the LIFE projects: the common thread between research and technical innovation”

POSTER EVENTO PisaInformaFlash PisaToday

  • RESAFE Poster used in International Symposium On Energy From Biomass And Waste, Venice 17-20 November 2014 Immagine
  • RESAFE Poster used in Ecomondo fair in November 3-7, 2014 at Rimini Immagine1
  • RESAFE Poster used in OCM Conference in Karlsruhe, 18-19/03/2015 Immagine2
  • RESAFE Poster used in SPIE DSS Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, USA 20-25/04/2015 Immagine3
  • 1 project presentation in Italian, in Spanish and in English for dissemination actions in fairs, conferences, newsletters Immagine4
  • Resafe Articles

• 2 web articles directly related to RESAFE: Art 1

  • 18 articles related to the LIFE event of ENEA and ASTRA in Faenza, on 22 January 2015 in local and web newspaper

Art2 Art 3 Art 4 art6 art7 art 8 art 9 art 10 art 11

  • 3 articles (Italian, Chinese and English) in Platinum journal

art 12

  • 1 article on Acta Horticulturae from the oral presentation at the “2nd World Congress on the Use of Biostimulants in Agriculture”, Firenze (Italy), Nov. 16–‐19, 2015.

artciolo acta

    • Resafe Poster presented at the CSI Congress 2015 at Figueira da Foz, Coimbra, Portugal 30/08-3/09/2015.

Poster RESAFE CSI 2015 final

      • Il rpogetto Resafe al convegno “Il riciclo dei rifiuti nella prospettiva dell’economia circolare”

Brochure seconda conferenza

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